Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

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Tagged by Stephanie

I am:  listening to Jordan sleep
I think:  that I want to go back to school.
I know:  that it's hard being a mom to a newborn and 4 others
I want:   fruit and chocolate
I have:   to go to sleep soon
I dislike:   scary movies
I miss:   my family in Vegas
I fear:   spiders and snakes
I feel:   tired
I hear:   my neighbors running up the stairs
I smell:   hand soap and Method Grapefruit Cleaner
I crave:   fruit and sweets
I cry:   every day, I am so hormonal
I usually:   nap everyday
I search:   blogs about crafting, saving money, and recipes
I wonder:   when Sienna will start sleeping through the night
I regret:   not knowing my Grandpa on my Dad's side.  It's his choice.
I wish:   that I didn't have insomnia
I love:   my husband and my children.
I care:   about my family and friends
I always:   try to sleep at night.  It's not working too well.
I worry:   about my kids.
I am not:   a kid anymore
I remember:   rollerskating and swimming all day as a kid
I believe:   in Jehovah God
I sing:   rarely.  I suck!
I don't always:   have patience
I argue:   sometimes
I write:   quotes, lists, and recipes in journals
I win:   not much
I lose:  my glucose meter all the time
I listen:   to the ocean waves on the sound machine so I can sleep every night
I don't understand:   politics
I can usually be found:   wearing pajama pants and teeshirts or tanks
I need:  to take down the bassinet and put up the crib soon
I forget:   where my keys and meter are
I am happy:   when I am well rested and fed, spending time with friends and family

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