Thursday, March 17, 2011

The ABC's of yours truly

The ABCs of yours truly…
  1. Age: 37 (38  in 2 short weeks)
  2. Bed size: Queen
  3. Chore you hate:   dishes and cleaning toilets
  4. Dogs:   None, the kids really want one
  5. Essential start to your day:   green smoothies in the am or water
  6. Favorite color:   red is my favorite, love rainbows
  7. Gold or silver: Silver mostly, except my wedding set
  8. Height: 5’6"
  9. Instruments that you can play:   None
  10. Job title:  SAHM or Momma to 4 beautiful kids and 1 almost grown-up 16 year old
  11. Kids:  Austen, 16; Maya, 6; Kiera, 5; Jordan, 2; and Sienna, 5 1/2 months
  12. Live:   Small town in Oregon
  13. Mom’s name:  Pamela
  14. Nicknames:  Steph
  15. Overnight hospital stays:  5 births and 1 long month stay in a boarding room waiting for Sienna to get out of NICU
  16. Pet peeve:  loud chewing, running in the house
  17. Quote from a movie:   ?????
  18. Righty or lefty: Righty.
  19. Sibling: I have 1 brother and 4 sisters
  20. Time you wake up:   7-9
  21. Underwear: Yes please.
  22. Vegetables you dislike:   turnips or rhutabaga
  23. What makes you run late:   procrastion
  24. X-rays:   ankle, lung, neck, all the female parts
  25. Yummy food you make:   Carrot cake, Lemon layered pie, chicken spaghetti, and many more.  :)
  26. Zoo favorite animal:  peacocks and giraffe
That’s me! Now how about you?

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