Monday, June 27, 2011

Vegas Trip

Sienna and I took a trip to Las Vegas on May 28-June 25.  It was such a long trip.  My Dad has colon cancer and a bunch of other health problems right now.  I thought it was a great time to visit.  It was Sienna's first time on an airplane.  The weather was so hot, once it was 110 degrees with 30 mph winds, crazy!  Anyway, here are some pics.  I will post some more tomorrow.

This is a picture of my Stepmom, Sienna, 2 of my Aunts, my Dad, and their dog, Katie.
This is Sienna with my niece, Giselle.  She fell in LOVE with her cousin.  Giselle was sad to see us go home.

Me and my bff, Kelly.  I love this girl.  It had been over 4 years since we had seen eachother.

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